Bridgense – Personality Development Institute

“You are a Born Leader with immense potential. You are born to reach great heights” – all we have to do is to belief that power in you.

  • Motto of Bridgense – Dream to pluck the star from the sky rather than plucking berries from the tree?
  • We at bridgense help you realize your Unique Internal Power. We will team up with you in making you understand your true potential to achieve great heights in Personal and Professional life.

Educational Institutions

  • “Dream to Win Leadership” – mesmerized the student community in a short span of 7 years , 7000 students
  • Bangalore J.S Institute of Banking – 500 aspirants of bank jobs resulted in more than 20% of them achieving their ambition of getting officers & clerks job in leading banks
  • The self awareness program for MBA students business schools – Gnanam Business School, Parisutham Business school, J.J Engineering College Business School, Great Lake Business School – under the auspices mantra is a much acclaimed one

Recent Seminars

Recent Seminars & Training and year long programmes conducted by A.D. Sukavaneshwar – (2014-2018)

What People Buzz About Us

Don’t just take it form us, let our beneficiary do the talking!

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Our Flagship Programs

Bridgense educational consulting program themes provides emerging new Lucrative fields of business opportunities

program icon  “Success is your nature” – Personality Development program
program icon  “Pyramid of Success – 10 diamonds you need “ – Life skills program
program icon  Dream to Win – Leadership Program
program icon  “Be a great Communicator” – learn the Art of Communication
program icon  “You are Never gonna get me Down” – Perseverance is the key for success
program icon  Who Are You? – Self Realization Program
program icon  “Together Everyone Achieves more” – Team Building
program icon  Revenue – Driven Marketing Skills
program icon  FAIL to WIN – Fall to RISE – Perseverance
program icon  Be a Friend to Your Kid – Parenting Skills
program icon  “Self Awareness” – Personal Counseling

Our Recent Activities

Interview Audio from Sanjay, PSG Tech

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9th std KSMS Students Creating a New Creative world

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Great creative work done by KSMS Students

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Rejuvenating Speech

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PITS Spotiva’15

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