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Personality Development Module

Personality Development

  • Icon Pernality Ethics, Values and Etiquette
    Icon Pernality Self presentation – composure
    Icon Pernality Goal setting
    Icon Pernality Time Management
    Icon Pernality Communication Skills
    Icon Pernality Leadership
    Icon Pernality Decision Making

  • Icon Pernality Uniqueness
    Icon Pernality Behavioural Skills
    Icon Pernality Assertiveness Skills
    Icon Pernality Critical vs Creative Thinking
    Icon Pernality Problem – solving process orientation
    Icon Pernality Conflict Management
    Icon Pernality Financial Planning

Physical Module

Icon Pernality Daily physical exercise
Icon Pernality Strength- Core training in day-to-day life
Icon Pernality Simple Stretching
Icon Pernality Plyometrics
Icon Pernality Swiss ball – Core stability
Icon Pernality Yoga – Meditation
Icon Pernality Self – Physical Healing

Intellectual Module

Icon Pernality Knowing yourself
Icon Pernality Deep understanding
Icon Pernality The Art of Learning
Icon Pernality Intellectual horsepower
Icon Pernality Mind consciousness
Icon Pernality Store consciousness
Icon Pernality Beginner’s Mind
Icon Pernality Intuitive Knowledge
Icon Pernality Interconnectiveness of all

Social Module

Icon Pernality Social Responsibility
Icon Pernality Interpersonal skills
Icon Pernality Financial Planning
Icon Pernality Team work & Trust
Icon Pernality Peer support & recognition
Icon Pernality Coaching and Developing people
Icon Pernality Dependability and Reliability
Emotional Maturity Module

  • Icon Pernality Emotional Intelligence
    Icon Pernality Being Absolutely Happy
    Icon Pernality Integrity – Trustworthiness
    Icon Pernality Conquering your Fears
    Icon Pernality Positive thinking
    Icon Pernality Dealing with ambiguity
    Icon Pernality Conquering anger

  • Icon Pernality Trust
    Icon Pernality Love
    Icon Pernality Empathy
    Icon Pernality Like Minds – Like hearts
    Icon Pernality Stress Management
    Icon Pernality Clear Positive Thoughts
    Icon Pernality The Wu Wie Way

Spiritual Module

Icon Pernality Freedom
Icon Pernality Who are you?
Icon Pernality Connecting with nature
Icon Pernality Destiny & Free will
Icon Pernality Meditation
Icon Pernality Self Acceptance

  • Procedure for Counselling Module:

    program icon Analysis by counsellor
    program icon Diagnosis by counsellor
    program icon Prognosis by counsellor
    program icon Counselling by counsellor
    program icon Follow up – by Trainer/Coach
    program icon Periodic evaluation – by Counsellor

  • Counselling

    Icon Pernality Personal counselling Emotional / Psychological Personal Counselling
    Icon Pernality Career Counselling
    Icon Pernality Work Place /Study Place Counselling

Icon Pernality All Personal Counselling Sessions will be done after designated Contact Class Hours
Icon Pernality Personal Counselling and Interaction will be done after prior approval of the Management

Interaction with Bridgense Mentors, Entrepreneurs & Emerging Leaders

Real life achievers, Entrepreneurs, Bureaucrats, Bridgense Mentors

program icon Alternating mini-lectures
program icon Discussion
program icon Open house interaction

Activity Based Learning :

Icon Pernality Alternating mini-lectures
Icon Pernality Discussion buzz groups
Icon Pernality Case Studies
Icon Pernality Individual /Group Presentations
Icon Pernality Debates
Icon Pernality Simulations
Icon Pernality Role play