Team and Mentors

Our Mentors

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    A.N.Dyaneswaran, IAS

    — Former Principal Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Our Founder, Chairman and mentor Mr. A. N. Dyaneswaran, IAS, Former Principal Secretary to the Government of Tamil Nadu, is a dynamic personality with more than 45 years of public governance experience. Mr. Dyaneswaran has been the recipient of numerous awards from the Central and State Governments for his outstanding work as Chairman of Tamil Nadu Minerals, Member Secretary of the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, Managing Director of Small-scale Industries Promotion of Tamil Nadu and Collector of Erode District. He was the Vice-Captain of the Indian Basketball Team in 1967 and participated in the Asian Basketball Championship in Seoul, Korea. As the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Basketball Association, he built the state-of-the-art J. Jayalalithaa multi-purpose indoor stadium that hosted the South Asian Federation (SAF) Games in 1995.

    Mr. Dyaneswaran has tremendous knowledge and he is a guiding force for the younger generation. He is a powerful orator who can sway the audience to his side. His motto for life is, “In order to create a great nation and peaceful society, the younger generation has to be nurtured and moulded to become the dynamic leaders of tomorrow”

  • Former Graduate Business School Advisor at California State University, Chico, CA, USA, she has had more than 40 years experience in the field of education. Sandra has been a guiding force in shaping the lives of numerous international graduate business students at Chico State University. She has helped her students become holistic Individuals who have leadership qualities and can face the ups and downs of life. She was the inspiration for the birth of the Bridgense Personality Development Institute. She gives career guidance to young and aspiring youngsters and gives personal counselling to face the turbulence of life with confidence.

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    Sandra Jensen

    — Buisness School Advisor
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    A.D. Sendureswaran

    — Advisor
  • A business graduate with a Master’s Degree in Psychology, A. D. Sendureswaran heads Shivshree Holdings, a real estate firm. Mr. Sendureswaran is a born leader with many strong qualities. He is a Master Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Practioner. He received the Outstanding Sportsperson Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu, presented by the Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Sendureswaran was also a Gold Medal Winner in Men’s Basketball at the SAF games in Colombo in 1991. He represented the Indian Basketball Team in various international championships held in the USA, Egypt, Japan and Indonesia. He can be called a “Team Guru” due to his excellent team-building skills, leadership qualities and his understanding of each of the players he trained and coached to form the most formidable basketball team in India in this century. He guided the Tamil Nadu Men’s Basketball Team to win Gold at five consecutive national championships and Gold Medals at two national games.

Our Team:

  • Sukavaneshwar is fondly referred to as Jugan by all who know him. By combining the knowledge acquired from his MBA program in the US with an Anna University engineering degree, has established an enviable record of achievements in many capacities. Jugan’s programs conducted for the US Consulate General, as well as his “Dream to Win” and “Leadership” programs conducted for schools and colleges, have inspired young people to face life successfully and achieve their goals.

    In only seven years, 7,000 students have greatly benefited from Sukavaneshwar’s Personality Development Program, as well as from the program he has conducted at Bangalore’s J.S.Institute of Banking. The latter program resulted in more than ten percent of the Institute’s 500 participants achieving their goal to become officers or clerks at leading banks.

    Jugan’s self-awareness program for MBA students at various business schools, such as Gnanam Business School, Parisutham Business School, J. J. Engineering College Business School and Great Lake Business School have been highly acclaimed.

    Not only students but teachers have benefited from Sukavaneshwar’s programs. The teacher training program he conducted at Sarva Mangayar Kaphagam in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the auspices of “Bright Minds” received very positive feedback and resulted in invitations to replicate the program. The feedback from the teacher training program at Chinmaya International School’s teacher training program was equally successful, as were the seminars Sukavaneshwar conducted at MOP Vaishnava Women’s College on “Emotional Intelligence” and “Coping with Stress.”

    Jugan’s achievements in basketball are legendary. He was the first Indian student to became a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) player when he played for the California State University, Chico team while studying for his MBA. Participation in a competitive university sports team while completing an MBA degree is in itself an outstanding achievement in terms of goal-setting and time-management skills. This experience has given Sukavaneshwar the necessary training and experience to combine management programs with sports. His program, “Life Skills Through Sports” received accolades at the Sona Engineering & Pavai Educational Group of Salem District paving the way for future programs.

    A video conference that combined sports with marketing conducted for the US Consulate General’s Private Sector Department opened up a new program for them in sports marketing. This model was replicated in an “Improving your Marketing Skills” program conducted for Tata Docomo. This program made a sizeable contribution to transforming the way business is conducted in Tata Docomo’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SME segment).

    Sukavaneshwar’s program on education at American colleges and universities, sponsored by the Kongu Engineering College in Erode for the US Consul General of Chennai, resulted in a flood of inquiries about educational institutions in the US.

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    – Management Thesaurus
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    – Personality Development Trainer
  • An M.Com graduate, successful entrepreneur, and karate champion, Rejeesh has wide-ranging experience in the training field. He has conducted numerous “soft skills” and personality development programs for the corporate SME segment and he has also conducted self-defense classes for many corporations and women’s colleges.

    Rejeesh was the recipient of the Outstanding Sportsperson Award from the Hon. Chief Minister. J Jayalalithaa and he also won a Gold Medal at the International Karate Competition held in Toronto, Canada capping off a list of stellar achievements in the competitive sport of karate.

  • A fitness guru with a degree in Business, Rehman is a certified American Council on Exercise professional. He has conducted many fitness programs for corporate teams, sportspersons, and youngsters. Rehman’s firm belief is that a strong, healthy body is the key to holistic personality development and goal-setting and achievement, both personally and professionally. Rehman’s programs provide the impetus and motivation for an individual to develop a flexible and strong body that results in a functionally fit physique.

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    Rehman Sherriff

    – Fitness Guru