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When I think about my school days, The first thing which comes to my mind is ‘BRIDGENSE’. The bridge between students and teachers, the bridge between what I was and what I want to be.The Bridgense introduced me to the magical equation 3c+3p = a wonderful life (confidence,commitment, concentration+passion, perseverance, perfection) which I still follow in college. It was through bridgense people heared me speak for the first time. It was through bridgense I learned what goal setting was. It was through bridgense I learned life itself. It is one of the best thing that happened to me in school life. I am always grateful for getting such a wonderful experience in my life and I am also grateful for having such wonderful teachers, especially our Jugan Sir.

Author's imageKavi BharathiStudent

This my little bit feedback about Bridgense Course, Had a great experience in the Bridgense course……. It makes me fearless while talking in front of many people’s……. Really very useful one……sir

Author's imageJohn SmithSome Company Creative Director

My acquaintance with Mr. A.D. Sukavaneshwar cannot be penned in few words. I know Mr. Sukavaneshwar right from my childhood days. Mr. Sukhavaneshwar, fondly called as ‘Jugan’ is a very enterprising person with a good business acumen. I thought he was only an excellent sportsman until I heard him speak. He was invited as a resource person for a programme on “Health talk” organised by the Centre for Women Studies, Madras Christian College. More than a lecture it was sharing of his own experiences in his life as a student, sportsman and as a businessman. His down to earth approach, excellent interaction with students enthralled all and each of us watched agape. He was very friendly with the students and also did offer help and guidance in whatever way he could. This tall man is very committed and enthusiastic too.

I wish him success in all his endeavours. He is altruistic, empathetic and focussed in his goals. I am sure he would scale higher and higher and shine brightly in his profession.

Author's imageDr. Meera, Assistant ProfessorMadras Christian College

This is Ishvarya Eswar, I’m doing B.Tech Computer Science and Engg., at SASTRA. I graduated high school from KSMS, where I started my kindergarden. Yeah, it’s 14 years..!!And Bridgense made that last 4years more special. I really feel elated to compose this mail. It’s been two and half years since I graduated from high school, but my memories on Bridgense are still fresh.

“Bridgense-Pesonality Development Class”- that’s how we were introduced to Bridgense. But later, we came to understand so many moral values (through a different and fascinating way). I still remember u words sir, “THIS BATCH IS MY FAVOURITE BATCH AND SPCEIAL BATCH TOO. SPECIAL BECAUSE WE CAME TO KSMS AND OUR FIRST BATCH IS U AND WE WE’LL LEAVE KSMS WITH YOU (4YRS)”. We got the “BEST BATCH OF THE YEAR” award thrice..yeah, it’s a HATRICK..!

The activities we do were really fun filled and its always for a reason. Reasons were -Team Work, Lateral thinking, Knowing our strength, Group discussion, Overcoming the fear, Debates, knowing the audience pulse during lecture/speech, strength of positive vibration and many more..!! Here, I would like to share you that I’m the winner of a group event (reg-team work) conducted in HR class in my college today. It reminds me of our activity classes..!

Through Bridgense, We even got to know about importance of body language. Its helping me allot. I have my placements next year. *Jugan Sir* That’s how we fondly call u.!!You even taught us how to listen to someone in GD, how to sit in an interview , how to greet someone. The stories u shared were still fresh in my memory. Jonnes-a basket Ball player’s continuous practice & victory, how u overcome your stammering problem (YOUR SCHOOL DRAMA), how you spent your college days in Abroad (part time job/Basket ball/classes), appreciating and enjoying nature, so many real life stories. Be it big thing or small, you never forget to appreciate someone. And it really encouraged me so many times.

Once I woke up I still have the habit of seeing the mirror and smiling-positive energy. And I just recall what I did the whole day before going to bed- boosts memory power (though not daily, I do most of the times.).

The guest speakers you brought were gems! Sandy Jonnes, Shaanthi Sheela Nayar, Rtd.IAS officer. And every-time I got a chance to greet them as I were in that organizing team. And when I applied for a organizing team in my college for two different streams, I got to hear a same question “What makes you to opt for this?”. Of course, my answer was “BRIDGENSE”. And yeah, I got through in it.

I’m damn sure that after sending this mail, I would definitely be like “OMG.! I DID’NT MENTION IT.THAT.THAT..!” because that much impact is made by Bridgense.

Before ending this up, I really wanted to remind you a promise that you made. You swore to us that you will arrange for a get-together the very next year we passed out. But that’s yet to happen.
🙁 Let’s hope to meet soon.

Author's imageIshvarya EswarStudent