I Had No Talent

I had no Talent
Dont be let down , if you dont possess any talent . i wasn’t a talented Basketball Player , to birdge that gap i became a work horse. i worked so hard in the Basketball court day in and day out . i will be first in for practice and last out. In the US , NCAA div II i got pushed around by great talented American basketball players , but every time they pushed me down i got up , every time i got UP FASTER THAN THE PREVIOUS TIME. I worked at it – like a Phoenix bird – GET UP – RISE UP . i worked hard with my heart and soul- result – i became the first Indian to Play in NCAA div II basketball representing , California State University, Captain of the TN state Men team – gold medal winners- National Championship and National Games 2004.
i am proud of myself. Life will be hard and road to be passed in very difficult , Talent or no talent , develop the attitude to work hard and be ROCK SOLID NO MATTER WHAT. KEEP PUSHING YOUR LIMITS EVERY DAY EVERY MINUTE EVERY SEC.